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Mike & Leisa Dawson
    Phone: 913-685-2812
    Teaches: Phase IV-VI

Kevin & Diane Denning

    Phone (H): 316-522-2315
    Phone (M): 316-640-2625
    Cues: Phase I-IV
    Teaches: Phase I-IV

Wolfgang Johanning
    Phone (M): 785-727-6715
    Cues: Phase I-II

Frank Morrell
    Phone: 316-262-7830
Darlene & Marcie Myers
    Phone (M): 316-990-4549

Dan & Donna Pearson
    Phone: 861-490-6769
    Cues: Phase I-IV

Mike & Kay Turner
    Phone (H): 316-721-4181
    Phone (M): 316-650-9527

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